Speaker Biography

Basavarajaiah Doddagangavadi Mariyappa

Bengaluru Medical College and Research institute, India

Title: Prediction of Upper Limits of Normal Values of AntiStreptolysin ‘O’ Titres in Normal Healthy School Going Children of 6–16 Years

Basavarajaiah Doddagangavadi Mariyappa



Antistreptolysin O test, an internationally gold standard test is widely used in detection of group A streptococcal infections and their sequelae at global level. However, Prior studies have failed to estimate the feasibility and accurate prediction of standard cut-off values of ASO from standard simulation methods. In this juxtapose the present study perceived to fill the research gap at larger extent. An observational study was conducted at Bengaluru city during 2015-16. A total 454 children were randomly selected from the different Schools in Bangalore city. As per the results, the sex ratio was 1:1(Male 230/454, Female 224/454) with mean age 12.58±2.63 years. The titre mean ASO value was 275.93±248.73 IU, median value was 202 IU. The average cut of ASO value was 256.53IU with good specificity (95.0%), sensitivity (88.05%), PPV (85.33%), NPV (68.93%); AUC was 0.93. The resulted findings was found to be statistically significant (P=0.008) and also this mean value will help for detection of streptococcal infections at population level (p<0.01). Majority of the cases were suffering from acute rheumatic fever (80%). Test algorithms was formulated by ROC artificial neural network work analysis(ANN), the results showed that, the AUC of nonsuppurative sequelae of Group-A streptococcal (GAS) infection of the throat (63.0%). The summing of the results concludes that, the ASO is a gold standard for the investigation of the disease progression at early stage (streptococcal and rheumatic fever). This present study will help to clinician’s for diagnose streptococcal infection at greater accuracy.